Group of Four Grand Tour Bronzes from Pompeii.

Group of Four Grand Tour Bronzes from Pompeii.


A group of four grand tour bronzes from Pompeii.

The smaller pair both being fountain heads, known as Amore con Delfino and Putta con Oca. The larger pair are the dancing Faun and Narcissus. A wonderful group of rare statues. Most probably mid-19th century with lovely natural patina.

Sizes stated are for the dancing Faun who is the tallest.

The following information was kindly supplied by Cella Antiques, Langton Street, London.

The Dancing Faun from Pompeii from the villa named after the bronze discovered there, the 'House of the Faun’. Narcissus (recently this has also been re attributed as a faun) also from Pompeii.

The two smaller ones are "Amore con Delfino” and “Putta con Oca” "Amore con Delfino" cast after a discovery of this model in the 18th century during the excavation of Thermae (baths) in Pompeii. Both these models are based on original fountain designs, the dolphin and the mouth of the duck were spouts for fountains. Cupid (or Eros), the god of love is often associated with dolphins as an allegory for how swiftly love moves on.

  • Height: 15.5cm

  • Width: 6cm

  • Depth: 5cm

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